Digital Marketing Tools to Loyalty and Communicate
Email Marketing, Online Forms and Surveys, Mobile Marketing and SMS, e-books, QR and Automated Marketing. Promote your business!

Digital Marketing Tools Included

On the same marketing platform, your contact list and the online marketing tools for email marketing, mobile marketing, inbound marketing and automated marketing

  • Agenda de contactos

    Cree su propio formulario o escoja uno ya prediseñado, no importa su sector de actividad, le ofrecemos infinitas posibilidades, no es necesario que usted posea amplios conocimientos de informática o diseño, la facilidad de doForms le sorprenderá.

  • Formularios

    Herramienta de Formularios online. Captación de base de datos
    There is nothing more powerful than knowing your customers’ needs. The best way to know your customers’ preferences is through online forms. doForms helps you build and customize your own forms without large investments and without relying on an expert.

  • Email Marketing

    Herramienta de email marketing. Envio de emails masivos online
    Newsletters are a must in any communication strategy. It not only helps you to maintain a direct and close contact with your customers, also to open up a whole window of opportunity to get a greater information quantity.

  • SMS Marketing

    Herramienta de SMS Marketing. Envios de SMS masivos online
    Text messages are a tool that allow you to reach directly and instantly to your audience. You can communicate with your customers in real time, without waits. The SMS marketing will allow you develop a more effective strategy.
    Provide rellevant information in a creative way to your consumers in 160 characters.

  • doBot


    Manage your customer relationships without worrying about. You have just to create a formula and indicate when you want an action to happen. doBot will execute the action by itself. Communicating has never been easier and faster.

  • e-Book Marketing

    Cree su propio formulario o escoja uno ya prediseñado, no importa su sector de actividad, le ofrecemos infinitas posibilidades, no es necesario que usted posea amplios conocimientos de informática o diseño, la facilidad de doForms le sorprenderá.

  • QR Marketing

    Herramienta para crear formularios online y captar base de datos. El marketing online es más efectivo si se conoce al usuario.

Get Customers Increase Sales with Digital Marketing

Get customers, increase sales

Communicate online the products or services to customers make the sales accounts increase, do not hesitate to say that you have a new promotion or a new product

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The Online marketing supports offline channels. Digital marketing uses the channels that exist on the Internet for dissemination and marketing. With these marketing tools you can combine and use Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Inbound Marketing or Automated Marketing as sales channels.

  • Email marketing
    Sending bulk emails to segmented groups
  • Online Forms
    Creation of online subscription forms, surveys and contests
  • SMS Marketing
    Send bulk SMS to groups with personalized sender
  • Automatización
    Automate marketing tasks and social networks
  • Desktop SMS
    Desktop application to send massive SMS quickly
  • Programming
    Sending programmers of mass emails, SMS and automatic tasks
  • Always available
    Web application and your own database accessible at any time and from anywhere
  • Your own database
    Your own database with secure and confidential data
  • Expandable and Updated
    Platform always updated with the latest version and account expandable in seconds in case of growth
  • Multi-device
    Online marketing tools that work on any device and without installations
  • Safe
    Web application with 256-bit SSL certificates and state-of-the-art security systems
  • Segmented contacts
    Database of contacts with customized fields and segmented by groups

What to do online with digital marketing tools

  • Send sms in real time
  • Have notoriety on the internet
  • Congratulate customers on the birthday
  • Send an email periodically
  • Increase productivity
  • Remember an appointment by SMS
  • Create custom reminders
  • Design an online form
  • Capture new customers
  • Segment results obtained
  • Analyze results in online forms
  • Create an online draw form
  • Send a news by mass mail
  • Promote a service
  • Contact your target audience
  • Massive SMS delivery
  • Instant communication
  • Send a newsletter
  • See where the emails are opened
  • Remember the end of the warranty

More digital marketing ideas with these online tools

Online Marketing Tools

Discover how these Digital Marketing Tools in the cloud can help your business

  • All the marketing tools in the same online platform

    Importing and exporting data between platforms is a waste of time, these digital marketing tools are integrated with each other and allow to have all the data of users in the cloud centralized.

    All the data of the marketing campaigns updated and together.

    Create online forms to capture user databases, group segmentation and design a newsletter or SMS in the same place.
  • Loyalty the customer doing online marketing should be mandatory for the company

    For any company that wants to grow it should be mandatory to retain their customers and turn them into fans of the brand. Achieving this can be done by taking care of the client, through loyalty and the first part of this process is to communicate.

    Communicate a new product, that the company is going to make an event or that a new service has been created.

    Promotions and offers must be communicated, if you do not know, you can not be interested.

  • Communicate to the customer can help increase sales

    If your client knows your products and services first hand it is easier to remember them when you need to buy them. If a client does not know the company or does not remember it, it is more likely that when the impulse of purchase comes to the vendors who have more recent.

    Therefore, a basic key to increase sales is to be present in the list of potential buyers of each of the potential customers to which the company arrives. Marketing tools allow you to capture data from potential customers and then communicate with them to be a basic point in the list of suppliers.
  • Automation of online marketing tasks on the Internet

    Owning an online marketing software that helps you not forget what is important is a very valuable value for companies.

    Automate bulk emails or send bulk SMS are the most important utility and with them you can remember appointments, congratulate the birthday or other dates indicated

    Use the automation of social networks to save time and generate quality content, customers will appreciate it.

    Automating online marketing creates a link between customers and the company, and with very little work.

Capture data, design, execute and analyze the results of online marketing campaigns from the same place

  • Capture quality user data to create database

    Before designing the online marketing campaign, you have to try to know the target audience, collect data with the online form generator and create your own database of quality and segmented into groups. If you already have a database, you just have to import it.

  • Design, execution and programming of online marketing campaigns

    With a quality database, you can now start communicating with the email marketing tool and the SMS marketing tool. Design and execute digital marketing and communication campaigns quickly and send to segmented groups of contacts.

  • Analysis of results on the same platform and starting over

    Analyze online the results obtained from both email marketing and mass SMS and redesign another optimized campaign based on the results to improve effectiveness. We must continue capturing data from potential customers, the more the better.

What do they think about the Online Marketing Platform and the Tools?

  • I find it's a fantastic tool and very easy to use, while functional.
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    Félix Rincón Ruiz
    Services Engagement Manager Dell
  • Platform very useful and easy to use, at a very competitive price and above all the customer service of the team that solve any question at the moment. logo
    Héctor Castro
    Founding Partner Solo Imprenta
  • Before we used MailChimp, now we have the same service that we had in MailChimp and more additional tools
    Founding Partner
    Jose Bernalte
    Co-Founder Inmovedat
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