The key to E-mail Marketing is … Segment!

Segmenting is the process of dividing customers or contacts into groups , based on some common affinity

When to use the tool of e- mail marketing, there are two fundamental aspects to which we must pay close attention : that the content is relevant and appealing to the receiver, and our database is constantly updated and segmentation .

It is common for companies to begin to make use of e- mail marketing , the first thing you do is buy a database . Without fear of being wrong , we could say that is one of the worst ideas and strategies to start using this tool.

If you send e- mail to a database purchased , downloaded Internet , or given by a friend, we are communicating with people who have not agreed to receive information from us and maybe do not even know our company. Practicing this type of strategy makes you a spammer and can ruin the reputation of your online business , hurting the brand image , even to block your website.

There are many strategies to build and increase the size of a database , collecting contact many reliable sources that you probably already know , either from dating websites, social networks, etc. .

If your database is comprised of customers that you yourself know , who purchased or hired your product or service, you have requested information from it , then yes it is possible to establish a closer link with them through e- mail marketing .

But … How do I segment my database ?

Know who to direct our e- mails and their content is the key to effectively communicate with customers.

It is important to know in depth what the interests and motivations of your customers are and why you interview with them, know their thinking , their concerns and needs , to provide by means of this technique what the customer is looking : see reflected their interests or expectations.

“The segmentation of our database is the process of dividing customers or contacts into smaller groups with uniforms similar characteristics and needs. ” This allows us to understand what marketing strategies make ; and what not to.

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