Automated Marketing

Automate your communication

Just choose the content, the channel and the time of your communication.


The key to the formulas

Save time with a single action

doBot is a task automation tool. You just have to create rules and the program interprets them. Manage customer relationships without having to worry about. Communicating has never been so easy and so fast.

  • Planning

    Plan in advance your communication! and be worry about other things.

  • Automate

    Set tasks you want Bot to perform and place them in a determinate time.

  • Save time

    Once fixed the action and reaction variables, the program executes them by itself.

Create your own formulas

It has never been this easy

With this simple formula you can choose tasks you want to be made by doBot. For example, if someone press “like” on facebook, doBot will send you an email. Select an action (A) and a reaction (R), when the action is done, the determined reaction will be executed (A -> R). It sounds easy? Because it is even easier.

  • Keep informed

    It allows you to be alert to know what happens at all times, to correct possible mistakes and to get a good brand image.

  • Create formulas

    Create formulas is so easy, everyone can do it. Once it is created, the program works by itself.

  • Save time

    The best way to save time. It automates your communication, letting you be in touch with your customers easier and faster.

The automation objective

Time is of the essence.

Select those tasks you want to be done automatically and do not waste any more time. You can make as many formulas as you like, and configure the desired sending frequency (every hour, daily, weekly, monthly…) Make the most of all the possibilities offered by doBot.

  • Connect to social networks

    You will be able to reach more people in less time by managing your social networking.

  • Keep your clients

    Keep in touch with your customers, by sending regularly scheduled newsletters. Thus they know you do not forget them and you are there with them.

  • Economize your communication

    Lower communication costs, time are money and doBot saves time.

  • Increase sales

    Getting customer loyalty you will increase your sales. Do not let yourself to lose customers because of the communication, manage it properly or let doBot manage it.