Sales channel for companies

Combine forms, send email blasts and discount bonds to increase the effectiveness of their online campaigns


The key to online marketing

Improving online sales

Listen to what your customer has to say. Collect data, analyze and refine your strategy. There is nothing more powerful than knowing and meeting your customers. It is not enough to have accounts on social networking fashion, you must manage those. It is hard to have online presence of your brand and have a good image brand. The key is to create a good content and it is essential to communicate it to your customers.

  • doFormsdoForms

    It facilitates the creation of online forms. It allows you to store and manage data from web visitors, social network users or customers.

  • doMaildoMail

    It is a network service that allows you to send and receive quickly messages and files. It drives the feedback between the company and its customers or the company and its employees. Achieving effective communication and encouraging long-lasting relationships. Moreover it is always provided at low cost.

  • doSMSdoSMS

    The SMS marketing is a communication technique that allows you to communicate instantly with your customers and to send directly information of interest. It will allow your consumer to be informed at all times. It builds trust and promotes loyalty between company-customer.

  • doBotdoBot

    It is an automation online tool. It allows you to automatize daily and repetitive tasks in your company. Programme actions with a simple formula and devote your time to other issues. You will save time and personnel, for instance: by automating your daily tweets.

Create your own online campaign

Adopt your company’s particular needs

  • Capture data

    Get relevant audience information through your own forms.  It allows you to know better your target group. Make your own forms by using templates or creating them by yourself, adjust your company image using backgrounds, colors, styles… Personalise it and get the communication that suits you!

  • Create offer

    Keep in mind the most important variable: the price and the first contact with users. Maintain a relationship with them and not let them go.

  • Communicate

    Share your forms with your customers in your social networks or web page, or include a QR code on your business card, catalog or corporate brochure.

Reasons to choose the complete package.

Combine it as you want, combine it when you want!

The complete package has always been an element closely related to promotion, opportunity and your saving.

  • Save time and money!

    The pack Mandoo purpose is to capitalize the four marketing tools integration, and its price.

  • Self-manageable

    You will be able to manage by yourself your business communication.

  • Your own sales channel

    Mandoo gives you the opportunity to create your own online sales channel. Reach internet presence through marketing tools!

  • No matter the company size

    The Mandoo tools give advantages to your enterprise since it’s small, medium or large, its size does not matter at all.. The applications are flexible and also they are coupled to each company needs.

  • Strength through unity!

    You will optimize the Mandoo tools profitability by its combination. The products joining will be reflected in the results of your company.

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