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SMS Marketing’ Keys

Real-time communication

Las nuevas tecnologías y las nuevas formas de consumo dan paso a nuevas fórmulas de marketing. El SMS marketing es una de ellas. Los mensajes de texto son una herramienta cada vez más presente en cualquier estrategia de comunicación ya que le permiten llegar de forma directa e instantánea a su público. Ya que los teléfonos móviles están totalmente integrados en nuestras vidas, podrá comunicarse con sus clientes en tiempo real, sin esperas. El SMS marketing le permitirá hacer su estrategia más visible, presente y efectiva. Ofrezca información de interés para sus consumidores, hágales saber que su empresa está presente en sus vidas, comunique ofertas, promociones, recordatorios de citas y un infinito de posibilidades encerradas con creatividad en 160 caracteres.

  • Loyalty

    Keep your customers up to date on your business. Communicate timely information about the entity, products and/or services involving them in your brand. Create stable and lasting relationships by maintaining contact with your customers. When creating bonds of trust, they are hard to break. Bet on it!

  • Structure

    You will improve your communication effectiveness by segmenting your customers depending on the variables you need. Do not bombard your entire database. You will be able to send emails to only those contacts are interested on the email information, by optimizing and monetizing your communication. It will help you get customer loyalty. Segmentation is the key!

  • Reaction

    The SMS marketing offers a clear advantage compared to email marketing. Receiving SMS instantly increases the opening and react probability in the moment. Not everyone has a smartphone or an internet access contrated, therefore the email but who does not have a mobile phone?

Create your messages with creativity

Time is of the essence, the space is even more

Be in touch with your customers by providing information periodically. Communicate offers, promotions, events … Make them participants in your company. Create your personalized SMS and send it to your contacts in a few steps.

  • Creativity 160

    The information does not conflict with the creativity, and neither the creativity does with the space, an enclosed space helps increase creativity. Create creatively your messages saying as much as it is possible with the least number of words, remember that less is more. Use links to expand your information. Originality is contained in 160 characters.

  • Organization

    The customer segmentation will help you to direct your communication to only those who you want to, making most effective your strategy. Make your customer segmentation according to your goals, by target demographic and / or by county, age, sex or your preferences, tastes and customs.

  • Analysis

    Check periodically the results of your SMS marketing campaign. Mandoo lets you know your investment status in real time. You will be able to know who has opened an SMS and when has it done it, if someone has clicked in your links, etc…

Captivate your customerss

160 characters, 1 SMS separates you from your clients

doSMS is a really useful tool when time is of the essence. Communicate with your customers in real time has never been easier. Some things you can do with doSMS are:

  • Communication

    Send relevant information to your customers. You can send sms information about a new product, offers, promotions, recommendations, reminders and more information even catalogs, price lists through links.

  • Administration

    Communicate and / or remind your contacts the actions that are going to be undertaken such as a date, an event…Spread instant answers, acknowledgment or confirmations to your customers…

  • Selection

    Communicate only what you need. Segment your communication reaching only those users you want to. You can segment your SMS on groups by creating the groups previously.

  • Attraction

    Listen to your customers and give them what they demand, meet their needs, remember them and consider their views. It will help you to get customer loyalty and to attract new contacts.

Analysis of the situation

Looking for optimization!

Instant communication, instant results. Check the status of your campaign at any time.You will have everything under control!

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  • Study the overall returns of your sent emails

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Time is of the essence, the space is even more

Communication in 160 characters

Send your SMS in an instant and communicate directly in real time.