E-book Marketing

Discover how to take advantage of the tool for creating online e-books in the company

  • Generating a digital book is a great option to offer additional content to the client

    Importing and exporting data between platforms is a waste of time, Mandoo's online marketing tools are integrated and allow all user data to be centralized. All the data of the marketing campaigns updated and in one place Create forms to capture user data, group segmentation of data and design a newsletter or SMS in the same place.
  • Personalize the design of the electronic book

    Having a limited space should not be a problem, but a way to activate the sense of creation. Offering 160 characters all the information should be a task that should be thought through with patience, so that the SMS marketing campaign is as effective as possible.
  • Share the digital book

    Share the digital book on social networks, the website, send it by email or by SMS, all forms are few for the content of the electronic book to reach the largest number of users.
  • Measures the effectiveness of the e-book

    You can control from the platform in real time the iteractions of the users

All advantages when creating online ebooks or digital books

  • Capture user data
  • Attract new customers
  • Loyal customers Increase sales
  • Own database
  • Make offers online
  • Promote an establishment
  • International coverage
  • Improve web positioning
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Database capture
  • Newsletters sending

The Tool for e-book marketing

Online e-books are an easy and automatic way to distribute and view content. Allows customers to view content digitally

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With online e-books you can start sharing content between users and potential customers. Distributing a brochure or online catalog is now simple. It is important to get the information of the company to the customers

What to do with the e-book marketing tool

  • Distribute a content
  • Send a catalog on a link
  • Send the company’s magazine
  • Send the e-book by email

The key to digital books

Offer additional quality content to catch the customer

The electronic book creation tool allows you to upload files in PDF format to convert them into interactive digital publications in a very simple way. Creating an electronic book with the online tool allows easy and direct sharing with the user and with a totally responsive design.

  • Design and Upload

    The digital book creation tool allows you to upload any design in PDF and transform it into an interactive book.

  • Publish and viralize

    All electronic books created with the tool have their own shortened URL that can be shared on social networks, sent by SMS or email or embedded in the website.

  • Measure the impact

    After sharing a book over the Internet, by email or SMS or in a printed QR can analyze the number of views to check the success of the content.

Publish an ebook digital book in an easy way

Offering additional and quality content to the user

Create your own form or choose one already pre-designed, no matter your sector of activity, we offer you infinite possibilities, it is not necessary that you have extensive knowledge of computer science or design, the ease of doForms will surprise you.

  • Insert own files

    Select the file you want to publish from your own computer. It is important that the pages of the file have an attractive design so that the user likes it

  • Customize the design

    You can select between changing the background color, the tools to be displayed to the user or even the load indicator. Many colors and letter sizes to choose from or even upload images to capture the identity of your brand.

  • Integrate and share

    Insert or link the form with the web page or with the profiles in social networks, so that customers can visualize the form. Once filled in the data will be instantly in your account.

Differentiate yourself from the competition with digital content

Create personalized content and viralize them on the Internet is a very valid marketing strategy

Do not let the communication play a trick. Analyze what business objectives you want to achieve before you start communicating, as well as the dissemination channel that is best to use is the good way to start.

Keep track

To improve the contents there is nothing better than measuring


Characteristics of the Software for Creating ebooks

  • PDF uploads
  • shortened URL
  • Share social networks
  • Zoom
  • Download book
  • Custom colors
  • Custom controls
  • 256-bit SSL Certificate
  • Integration into social networks
  • Web page integration
  • Responsive e-books

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