QR Codes

Discover how to start using the online QR code generation tool in the company

  • Create a personalized online QR code to attract online from the offline

    Importing and exporting data between platforms is a waste of time, Mandoo's online marketing tools are integrated and allow all user data to be centralized. All the data of the marketing campaigns updated and in one place Create forms to capture user data, group segmentation of data and design a newsletter or SMS in the same place
  • Customize the type of QR code you want to create

    Having a limited space should not be a problem, but a way to activate the sense of creation. Offering 160 characters all the information should be a task that should be thought through ppaciencia, so that the marketing campaign by SMS is as effective as possible.
  • Share and Print the QR Code

    For any company that wishes to grow it must be mandatory to retain its customers and turn them into fans of the brand. Achieving this can only be done by taking care of the client and the first part of this process is to communicate. Communicate that I have a new product, that the company is going to do an event or that I have just created a new service.
  • Analyze the results

    If your client knows your products and services first-hand

Exploit the advantages when creating QR codes online

  • Capture user data
  • Attract new customers
  • Loyal customers
  • Increase sales
  • Own database
  • Make offers online
  • Promote an establishment
  • International coverage
  • Improve web positioning
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Database capture
  • Newsletters sending

The Tool for QR marketing

QR codes are perfect for digitizing the offline world and improving the user experience with the company

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Creating a QR code and hanging it from the window, printing it on a product or on a business card, allows the company to interact with the end user. Moving from Offline to Online through additional content improves the user experience with the company and increases data intake

What to do with the QR marketing tool

  • Generate a QR for a poster
  • Create a QR code for a card
  • Design a QR for Wifi data
  • Create an Online QR to collect data
  • Print a QR code
  • Get a QR code to make call

The QR Codes Key

Convert offline actions into digital actions

The online form generator allows you to create custom online forms. There is nothing more powerful than knowing the client to offer him what he needs. Today customers are informed, they are expert consumers and every day they are more difficult to captivate on the part of companies and brands. Knowing the customers better helps to perfect the offers and to stand out from the competition, which brings great benefits. Collecting information from users using simple online forms makes you know your needs. doForms allows you to create and customize your own online forms without major investments and without depending on any expert.

  • Generation

    Create online forms through templates or your own creation, adjust the image of your company through backgrounds, colors, styles, texts … Creating custom forms for your business.

  • Print and spread

    Share the digital forms with all your customers using social networks, your website or include a Qr code on your business card.

  • Rate conversions

    Rate the results of the forms through statistics: Age, sex, geographical situation, preferences. So you can adapt to the tastes of your customers.

Creation of personalized online QR codes

QR codes convert user actions from offine to online

Create your own form or choose one already pre-designed, no matter your sector of activity, we offer infinite possibilities, it is not necessary for you to have extensive knowledge of computer science or design, the ease of doForms will surprise you.

  • Insert own fields

    Choose the fields that the client must fill in, such as: Name, Email, Date of Birth, Sex, Preferences, etc. It is important to choose the fields correctly and then be able to segment effectively.

  • Customize the design

    Choose between the predesigned templates or create the design yourself. Many colors and letter sizes to choose from or even upload images to capture the identity of your brand.

  • Integrate and share

    Insert or link the form with the web page or with the profiles in social networks, so that customers can visualize the form. Once filled in, the data will be instantly in your account.

QR codes pass from analog to digital

The QR allows to attract more public bringing users from the physical to the virtual

Do not let the communication play a trick. Analyze what business objectives you want to achieve before you start communicating, as well as the dissemination channel that is best to use is the good way to start.

  • Posters

    Emails are a powerful tool for communication between client and company. With Mandoo you can send the forms by email, in this way you can better understand the needs of customers.

  • Business cards

    It is possible to include online forms on the web page so that those who enter fill in the data. This way you can reach more people!

  • Social networks

    Sharing the form on social networks is a good way to viralize a form and thus increase the database of potential customers.

  • QR Code

    A QR code is a system for storing information in a two-dimensional bar code. The forms tool generates a QR code for each form that can be printed on business cards, brochures, triptychs, as well as on any other physical medium.

Measuring the impact data

QR code tracking for me

Get answers to your questions, control the effectiveness of your communication, detect failures and improve. You will be able to get new clients, retain the ones you already had, gain notoriety on the Internet or increase sales among other things. The results are instantaneous. Know the status of your campaign at any time. Mandoo performs statistics with which you can have everything under control. Creating a database of your own brings advantages.

  • Segment by contacts

    You will know who has opened your form and who has filled it out.

  • Segment by content

    Know which fields have filled in your contact and obtain the information of your customers.

  • Segment by date

    You can also know when they have filled out the form and also filter it by date range.

Characteristics of QR Code Software

  • Custom form
  • Integration in the website
  • Responsive forms
  • 256-bit SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited fields
  • Unlimited forms
  • Email notifications
  • Real-time statistics
  • Required fields
  • Integration into social networks
  • Url arcortada

And the best feature, a great human support. Tell us how I can help you.

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