Plans and Prices

Become a Digital Marketing PRO

  • The professional license of the Digital Marketing Platform

    Design, execute and analyze digital marketing easily in one place and from any device. With the PRO account, you can store the list of contacts up to the limit and no advertising is included in the newsletters, you also have a team of human technical support people to answer your questions or help you with the tools to carry out the campaigns of digital marketing in the company.

    • ContactsEmail addresses
      EmailsMonthly Emails
      LicenseMonthly cost
    • 5.000
    • 10.000
    • 15.000
    • 25.000
    • 50.000
    • 75.000
    • 100.000
    • 150.000
    • >150.000

    * These prices do not include VAT. See prices with Taxes

    All licenses include: doMail Limit according to selected rate · doBot Unlimited · doForms 1.000 different forms to create – 10.000 requests to these forms

  • SMS Credit Recharge

    The prices of massive SMS recharge depend on the volume of consumption, therefore to know the most adjusted price,
    contact customer service

Learn about the outstanding features of the PRO account

Discover the advantages of the PRO account and start today with the tools to do Professional Digital Marketing in your company

  • Design of custom templates

    You can do it within the platform, but to start if you want we can Design and code your first customized template for the newsletters.

    Prepare your content and we create your first template, then you can reuse it for mass emails with your own content and you only have to change images and texts

    Request a customized newsletter template

  • We upload your database

    You have a large database or you have doubts about importing the contact list into your account, we help you load the contacts and segment your contact list in groups, from that moment you can start doing online marketing to contact groups segmented

  • Forms white label and without limits

    The PRO account completely eliminates advertisements and the Mandoo logo on the forms. Make your company show a professional aspect to customers and potentials.

  • More customers in your calendar

    The tools in professional mode have no limit, you can pass a license to another immediately. Grow and store customer data that make the business grow and prosper sea.

  • Newsletters without ads

    In the test or free accounts, advertising is included in each shipment and to each contact, if you want to avoid it and the company shows a professional image, go to the professional license.

  • Forms without limits

    Do not lose new business opportunities because of having limited data entry to digital forms. With the PRO account, there are no limits to capture new leads.

  • Unlimited phone and online support

    With the PRO account we turn to you and your company. You can talk on the phone and in Spanish with any of our technicians. They will help you solve any doubt that may arise from using the tools

  • Resolution of incidents 24 h

    Mandoo team works daily to improve the platform and that the least possible incidents appear with your account, but if a problem appears we commit ourselves to try to give a solution in less than 24 hours.
    Report an incident